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Archive references
The Archives issue references to individuals and institutions.
In order to receive a reference from the Archives, an inquiry is submitted to the Archives, indicating the applicant’s name, family name, postal address (individuals), or name of the institution, registration number and legal address (institutions), expressing the content of the inquiry as accurately as possible.
The inquiry form shall be filled out in block letters or in a legible handwriting, paying special attention to spelling of proper names.
The inquiry shall be submitted to the Archives in Client Service room (111) in person or sent by post. The Archives prepares the reference within a month’s time. The reference note can be received in person at the Archives or by post if specifically pointed out in the inquiry form.
In order to receive the reference within a shorter period of time, a resolution by the Archives Director is required on the inquiry. Speeded-up reference can be requested in person or by post.
The reference of the Archives can be received in time indicated in resolution in Client Service room (111) or by registered mail.
The Archives prepare references concerning the following questions:
  • Belonging of real estate (inquiry form)
  • Belonging of enterprise
  • Will
  • Registration of birth
  • Registration of marriage
  • Registration of death
  • Change of surname
  • Divorce
  • Domicile, citizenship, nationality
  • Domicile, composition of family, kinship of particular persons
  • Adoption
  • Length of service
  • Education
  • Service in the army of tsar, Latvian army, legion, police, being in labour service
  • Bringing into the territory of Latvia, deporting from Latvia to concentration camps and forced labour
  • Being placed in ghetto
  • Treatment in hospital
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